Vijoy Chakraborty (Occupational Therapist Manager, ECAT Program Lead)

Vijoy Chakraborty (Occupational Therapist Manager, ECAT Program Lead)


Vijoy has over 25 years of clinical experience working at various occupational therapy
setups in countries including Canada, Ireland, and India. Working with hugely diverse
populations across many cultures over the years gives Vijoy a deeper understanding of
individual and nuanced sensitivities in his practice.

Wheelchair seating assessments, concussion assessment and treatment, cognitive
assessments for driver rehabilitation, built environment accessibility and Return-to-Work
planning/support are some of the specialized areas that Vijoy brings to the team. Vijoy is also a certified BrainFx administrator. As a Clinical Practice Educator for occupational
therapy programs with two of the universities in Ireland, Vijoy is a great mentor and
point of support for newly qualified occupational therapists.

Vijoy also speaks fluent Hindi, Bengali, and Punjabi.

Position : Occupational Therapist Manager, ECAT Program Lead